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You must meet all the requirements below in order to qualify for free letter setup for printing jobs.

1. File format: To qualify for free letter setup you must upload your letter in either PDF format or Microsoft Word version 2000 or higher. We highly recommend PDF format if your letter has lots of graphics and custom fonts. MS Word files are fine with simple letters that contain minimal graphics and no special or custom fonts. Visit our Google apps page if you do not have an application to create any of these format files. Other formats: Letters provided in any other formats than listed above will incur a setup fee.

PDF files

Do NOT use commenting tools such as highlighting. All such tools are considered annotations and will not be printed in your job. 

2. Fonts:  If you are using uncommon Windows fonts, you must supply us with your letter in PDF format and your fonts must be included/embedded in your PDF file. We can not offer you support on how to include fonts in your PDF document since these steps will vary depending on your system. We may still ask you to supply us with your font file. MS Word files in such cases will not work; your font will most probably be substituted with a similar font from our system. Please review this page when supplying custom fonts

3. Margins: We do not change your margins. You must have a minimum of 0.25" of clear margin on all four sides if your letter is not full bleed. If you require printing all the way to the edge of the paper or very close to the edge of the paper then you must choose full bleed printing.

4. Graphics:  All the components of your letter such as photos, graphics, letterhead or signature must be embedded in your letter.  We can make any adjustments to these elements or insert additional elements at your request for a nominal fee. Your graphics must be at least 300 DPI in order to print clearly. Images from the web are generally only 96 DPI or lower and will print poorly and pixelated.

5. Merge fields: All merge fields must be indicated as explained below and your letter should not already be mail merged. See this article if you must give us an already mail merged letter.

6. Mailing date on your letter:  We will update the mailing date on your letter to the date when the letters are mailed. Only the date on page one will be updated. Mailing dates must be located on top 1/3 of the first page and be on its own line and can not be within a sentence. If you prefer to use a date other than the mailing date, or have a date embedded in a sentence, or have a date beyond the first page then you will need to set up your date as a merge field inside the merge code such as <<MailingDate>> and add this field to your mailing list and populate this field with your desired date.

6a. Mailing date in Multi-Drop letters: Please review the terms of a Multi-Drop order here. All your letters in all your drops will be printed with a single date as explained in item 6 above. You may consider not using a date when doing a Multi-Drop to avoid having mailing dates significantly different than delivery times. You may also consider using month and year only to stay more relevant. 

6b. Mailing date for Staggered letters: Please review the terms of a Staggered order here. Each batch of letter will have its own mailing date since each "staggered" batch is printed individually. The dates will be printed as explained in #6 above.

We do not review your files for any typographic errors, omissions, mistakes, layout issues or any other types of errors. Make sure all your files are 100% final and accurate prior to uploading. If re-proofing is required due to an error on your part after the proofing process has begun, a re-proofing fee will be charged to re-create your proofs.

Indicate the location of merge fields

Indicate the placement of your merge fields from your mailing list in your letter or envelope using “double brackets” as shown below.  For instance, <<first>> indicates where you want to insert the field 'first'.  Your merge fields can be located anywhere in your letter, in any page (if you have a multi-page job) or any sheet (if you have a multi-sheet job).

Your field names used in the double brackets must match exactly the field names used in your mailing list. The first row in your mailing list is your field name.

Be aware of the length of data in your fields if you are inserting merge fields inside paragraphs or sentences. Longer data in fields could cause your paragraphs to grow and move everything down below it.