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You can use multiple versions of a letter in a single order. This means you can have completely different text/letter and have several different groups of records (mailing lists) where each group of record will receive a different letter. For instance, a real estate agent mailing a different letter to a group of three cities; where each city receives a completely different letter.  The specification of the order must be identical between all the versions; meaning the number of pages being printed, the color setting for each page, paperweight, and all the other settings. Different versions of a letter may be used for a variety of reasons, for instance:

  • Adding multiple versions to meet the minimum quantity order requirement of 50 pieces. For example, you have two letters and each letter is being mailed to a different group of 25 people.
  • Being able to have your letter in multiple languages.
  • The difference in the number of merge fields being used for each version of the letter. For instance, one letter is using 5 different merge fields while the other is using 7 merge fields.


  1. Letter: You must upload a separate letter for each version.  You must name the files by the version number; for instance, "letter1", "letter2" and so on.
  2. List: You can either have a separate list of each version of the letter or have a single combined list for all the versions:
    1. Combined list: This is when a single list contains all the records for all the versions. You will need an additional column in your combined mailing list which shall indicate the version number that each record/name needs to use. Insert a column called "Version" and include the version number of the letter such as 1, 2, 3 and so on in this field.  All of your records in your mailing list must include the version number. 
    2. Separate lists: You can give us a separate list for each version. Name your list as "list1", "list2" and so on. 
  3. Envelope: You can have a single version of your envelope to go along with all the different versions of your letters or you can have different versions for your envelope for each version of the letter. For instance, three different versions of the letter with three different versions of your envelope. If you have multiple versions of your envelope make sure your envelope files are named properly, such as "Envelope1", "Envelope2" and so on.