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See this article for more information about the purpose of a digital proof, potential color variations, and the turnaround time for proof production. Proofs can be approved or denied either on a computer, smartphone or a tablet.


DocuSign Envelope ID

The DocuSign Envelope ID appearing on top left of your proof is for tracking purposes only and will NOT appear on your printed job. 


Downloading your proof

Click on 'View Documents' after you receive an email of your proof. This will open your proof in the browser.

Low resolution proof

If your proof has a low quality appearance in the browser then follow the steps below to download a high quality PDF.

Approving your proof

Complete any indicated fields then click on the 'sign here' and enter your full name and accept.

Then confirm your signature to finalize your proof.

Declining your proof

Decline your proof if you find any errors regardless if the error was made by us or was already in your uploaded file(s). Follow the steps below to decline your proof. You will be supplied with a comment box once you decline to explain the problem. You will receive a new proof within a few business hours, if the error was made by us.reproofing fee will be charged if the error was made by you or if you simply want to change something, in this case please follow the steps below.
  1. Purchase and pay for reproofing.
  2. Indicate the order number that you intend to reproof in step #1 above.
  3. Upload any new/corrected files to the reproofing order that you have just placed.

(warning)  Your order can NOT be stopped once you have approved your proof. So do NOT approve it if you see any errors.