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This service will convert your handwriting into a 'true type' font that can be installed in your computer and used like a regular font. You can optionally also choose to include your signature in this process so it can be easily be inserted into any document. This font can be used in any application as long as you can install 'true type' fonts in your operating system. We can assure you that this font will work in Ms Windows, but we have not tested it in other operating systems. 


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Print this PDF template. To make optimal use of the size of your paper, we recommend you print out the PDF document.

2. Fill out template

Use a suitable pen such as a black permanent marker of fine or medium thickness to draw the characters the way that you normally write. Make sure you draw your characters within the designated cells.
Only characters that are written down on the template are added to your font set, so if you only need a few characters, then only write those down. If you don't want accented characters, you can skip page two of the template.