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In order to use your font, you need to install it. Installing a font makes the font available to all applications (including but not limited to most word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing and graphic design programs like Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, etc.) on your computer. The easiest and most convenient way to install your fonts is to use a font manager. If you don't have a font manager, do follow the instructions below.


Note: Some programs require a restart for the new font to be available.


Windows font installation instructions


    •  Open "Control Panel" (under Start->Settings)
    •  Double-click "Fonts" category
    •  Select "Install New Font..." from File menu
    •  Browse to the location you placed the font file
    •  Select "Your font (TrueType)" from the window
    •  Click the Ok button


Note: If you are reinstalling the font, it is recommended you uninstall and delete the font BEFORE installing the new version. Sometimes a reboot is required as well.


Macintosh font installation instructions (Mac OS X)


    •  Locate your font file in the Finder
    •  Double-click the font file icon
    •  Font Book should display the font
    •  Click the Install button


Note: In order to make use of the newly installed font, some applications require you to reboot your Mac.