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We offer two types of services which allow you to place a single order and break the order into multiple batches to be mailed at different times. These services allow you to place larger orders and receive lower cost per pieces but there is a cost associated with each services. 


A. Commonality between Staggering vs. Multi-drop

Regardless of which service you utilize, your order must be:

  1. Placed as a single order.
  2. Entire order is paid in advance.
  3. All files must be uploaded when the order is placed. Including mailing lists for future drops.
  4. We'll need all the mailing dates for future drops at the time of placing the order.
  5. Nothing can be changed once the proof is approved including future mailing dates.
  6. We can not mail on weekends or USPS holidays
  7. The entire order must be mailed within 90 calendar days; meaning that the first drop and the last drop can not be more than 90 calendar days apart.The entire order must be mailed within 90 calendar days; meaning that the first drop and the last drop can not be more than 90 calendar days apart.



B. Differences between Staggering vs. Multi-drop

  • Staggering your drops: You upload a different mailing list for each batch that needs to be mailed separately. Your mailing list file name must indicate the desired mailing date, for instance, "List1_091515.xls" will mean that this list needs to be mailed on September 15 2015.  We can NOT split the list for you, you must supply us separate mailing list for each group. The list for the first drop should be called "List_MailFirst.xls". Since each batch is printed individually, each batch will have a mailing date based on when it was mailed.
  • Using Multi-drop: This service allows you to designate equal quantities to be mailed at certain dates; for instance, split an order of 5000 pieces to be mailed at 5 drops of 1000 each. You can NOT designate certain records to be mailed on a specific date; we simply split your order into equal portions randomly at the last stage of production based on your requested quantities. Therefore we do NOT keep track of which name was mailed when. Use the Staggering option if you would like to control a certain portion of your list to be mailed on a specific date. The entire order is printed as a single job, so if you are using a mailing date on your letter, then the entire job will have one mailing date, generally the date first drop was mailed unless you requested otherwise. You may consider not having a date on your letter so subsequent orders will not have an old date.



Changes and cancellations

We print your entire order in advance within the selected production turnaround on the order. Therefore you can not make any changes after your proof has been approved. For instance, you can not request a change in a wording or a date on the letter since everything has already been printed and is waiting for the scheduled drop-date to be mailed. There is no cancellation of the batches that have not been mailed. See our Terms & Conditions for our cancellation policy.

Multiple versions of your letter

You can have multiple versions of a letter and stagger your mail as well. You will need to follow the stated requirements above as well as the steps required for having multiple versions of your letter.