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Printing in PMS or single color(s) are only needed if you have a custom color(s) which you need to match. This method ensures that you get exactly the color that you are looking for. If you are utilizing this method, you must have your PMS color chip number (this is the number corresponding to your color), unless it's black. In this article we will cover how to output your file in PDF using Adobe Illustrator in a manner where your spot color(s) are isolated and ready to send to press.  This article also assumes that you have the Professional version of Acrobat which will allow you to create PDF files. 

Iti Direct Mail requires final press ready artwork in PDF format. Below you will find a guide on how to save your artwork in the correct format.  First, open your file in Adobe Illustrator and navigate to the Print dialog box. In the dialog box make sure you duplicate all the selections shown below, then print your file into a PDF form.