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You have three options on how to place your signature on your letter.

Embed your signature in your letter (FREE)

Scan your signature as a graphics image and insert it into your file yourself. Scan your signature at high quality as we will not be able to manipulate the quality or change the color of your signature. The signature will be printed as you have scanned it into your letter.

Use one of our handwritten fonts (FREE)

At no additional charge, you can request to have your name printed as a signature using one of our handwritten fonts. We recommend using font 4 or 8 from here. At your request, we can make the signature blue if your letters are being printed in full color. Your signature will be printed in black if your letter is being printed in B&W. Simply type the name that you want to show as the signature in any normal font and place a comment next to it, such as, “use handwritten font number 4 in black ink as my signature”. Your signature will be printed at a larger size to appear more natural. This option must be requested prior to sending us your files; you will incur a re-proofing fee if this option is requested after we have begun working on your files.

Fax your signature ($25 fee)

Fax us a copy of your signature to 800-498-4946. There will be a $25 fee to use this option. The following suggestions will help to improve the quality of your printed signature if you are sending it to us via fax.

    1. Set your fax machine to "fine" mode for higher quality.
    2. Write your signature on a blank white piece of paper. Do not use lined paper.
    3. Write your signature larger than normal. Signature will be adjusted to a natural size before it is embedded into your letter.
    4. Use a medium thickness black pen. Do not use light color pens, pencils or pens with 'fine' thickness.
    5. Your signature can be printed in blue or any other color if your letters are being printed in full color. But you must request this initially when the order is being placed. You still need to sign in black ink and we will convert it to blue ink when printing.