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We can mail for you at nonprofit rates if you have a nonprofit authorization from USPS. Nonprofit rates are significantly lower than Standard or First class rates; you will see these rates on your price calculator.  You must supply us with your Nonprofit Authorization number that you have received from USPS and your nonprofit organization's exact name. The Nonprofit Authorization number is NOT your permit number at the Post Office or your Federal ID with the IRS; it is a number assigned to you after you complete an application with the Post Office and USPS grants you a nonprofit status. Contact your main Post Office to obtain a nonprofit authorization.

(warning) Nonprofit class delivers at a slower rate; similar to Standard class. See our average delivery times. Simply being categorized as a nonprofit by the IRS will NOT allow you to mail at discounted nonprofit rates; you must have your authorization number from USPS.


Return address on mail piece

USPS requires that you use the same exact nonprofit company name you used on your application with USPS on your mail piece, or your mail can be rejected at the nonprofit rates and re-priced at regular postage price.