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A mailing fee is charged when your job is fewer than 500 pieces and is using one of the presort postage classes below.  There is no mailing fee if your job is over 500 pieces regardless of postage class.

  • first class presort
  • standard class presort
  • nonprofit class presort

(tick)  Regular first class postage does not incur a mailing fee regardless of quantity.

Mailing fee is charged to cover the additional labor cost of preparing presort mail. USPS has many additional requirements for mailing presort, such as sorting and segregating mail by zip codes, grouping mail destined to same zip codes in separate trays and running your list against the NCOA database.

Mailing fee appearing on your invoice

Mailing fee always appears on your invoice regardless of order quantity; see image #1 below. But a corresponding discount is placed in "option discounts" (#2 below) based on your order quantity. This discount grows as your order becomes larger and becomes the same amount as the mailing fee once your order reaches 500 pieces.  In the example below, an order of 1000 pieces has a mailing fee of $150 which is offset by an "option discount" of $150 making your mailing fee zero.