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This articles discusses where we print the barcode on your mail piece if a barcode is required.

Regular first class

Regular first class postage does not require any barcodes to be printed on your mail piece.

Presort mail

Presort class postage is less expensive than regular class because it carries additional USPS requirements that make processing the mail easier and more efficient for the USPS. iti Direct mail meets all of the USPS’s additional requirements and is a 'Full service mailer'. In so doing the postage cost is minimized and we are able to pass these savings on to our customers.

A barcode is required for all presort mail. First class presort, standard presort, or nonprofit presort are all required to have barcodes. This USPS requirement is standard regardless of the size and type of mailer that you are mailing. The following chart shows the required location of the barcode and for what types of mailers.

Mailer type

Handwritten fonts

 [more info.]

If you choose to have your delivery fonts on your envelope to be printed in handwriting font.


Barcode location
Lettersyesbottom right corner

in the address block

above or below address

Postcards & self mailershandwritten fonts not allowed

in the address block

above or below address

Snap packshandwritten fonts not allowed

in the address block

above or below address