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We can store your leftover pieces for future use as a courtesy and at no additional cost to you.  For instance, If we print an order of 10,000 postcards for you but only initially mail 7,500, then we will store the remaining 2,500 for future use at your request. You are agreeing to the terms below if you utilize this option.

Order Date

Order Date is the date you place your order regardless of when you approve the proof, when the order has completed its production or any other date in the production process. Every order stored by us is treated individually based on its order number and order date.

  1. The material in question must be printed/produced by iti Direct Mail.
  2. Each stored order must be used in a mailing/fulfillment campaign at least once every 45 calendar days from Order Date.
  3. Any one stored order must be completely used up in 180 calendar days from Order Date.
  4. We do not keep track of inventory remaining. It is your responsibility to keep track of the initial quantity produced and the amounts used. Please do not contact us regarding inventory remaining - we will not be able to tell you.
  5. You may contact us anytime and request the remainder to be shipped to you; shipping charges will apply. You may also do a 'will call' from Pasadena CA.
  6. Your stored material will be recycled without any notice to you if your material has not been used for 45 calendar days from Order Date.  It is your responsibility to contact us prior to the 45th day from Order Date and arrange to ship or will call.
  7. Your stored material will be recycled without any notice to you if you have leftover material after 180 calendar days after your Order Date even though you have been using your material regularly as per item 2 above.
  8. We do not issue credits, discounts, or refunds for any recycled material. You will need to reorder your material at full cost if your material is recycled due to our terms stated here.