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Our offset press site,, prints at pre-set quantities.  Pre-set quantities start with 250/500/1000/2500/5000 and so on... For instance, you can NOT place an order for 4561 postcards at, unlike how you can do so in - our digital site. Therefore you may end up with leftover pieces if your mailing quantity is less than your printing quantity. For instance, your order 5000 postcards but you want to mail only 4500. Then you must decide what to do with the 500 remaining pieces. You have four choices:

  1. Have the remainder shipped to you via UPS. You can see your shipping cost in the ordering process; see shipping tab image shown below .
  2. Have us recycle the remaining leftover pieces.
  3. Choose 'will call' to pick up your pieces from our facility in Pasadena CA.
  4. Have us keep your material for future use. Choose 'will call' and you must make a comment about your intentions for the future use of leftover pieces in the 'Order Comments box'. Read about therestrictions on stored material.


Your pieces will be recycled

Your leftover pieces will be recycled if you do not choose one of the 4 options shown above. Pieces are recycled immediately after completion of the order.

Order detail page

In the red highlighted box below, you can view your mailing quantity, estimated overage, and postage class.

Click on the 'Shipping' tab to make your decision or see shipping cost for receiving your leftovers.