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Our high speed ink jet printers are an economical way to print full color at significantly reduced costs compared to printing on color laser printers.  Only matte paper can be used on inkjet printers; no glossy sheets allowed. Sheets printed on inkjet printers appear lighter and washed out compared to sheets printed on a laser printers. The black color produced by inkjet machines appear as very dark gray, while the blacks produced by laser machines are a rich black. 

Here are some Important facts about our ink jet printers

  • Double sided printing is only available on 70 lb paper. 
  • You can only print single sided on 20 lb or 24 lb paper.
  • Our high speed ink jet printers print at 300 DPI. Our digital laser printers print at 600 DPI.

What is suitable for inkjet printing?

  • Primarily text - color or B&W.
  • Logos, lines, small shapes, signatures, graphs, charts, diagrams or colored texts print well with inkjet.
  • Small to medium areas of ink coverage in lighter or medium colors are suitable.

What is NOT suitable for inkjet printing

  • If color accuracy is very important, inkjet printing is not recommended. Your final shade may be slightly off. 
  • Very heavy ink coverage. For instance, large, solid sections of medium to dark colors are NOT suitable.
  • Photographs get pixelated. So if the quality of the photos are important, inkjet printing is not recommended. But if you do plan to print photos; you must make sure that your photos are at least 300 dpi or even higher.

Sample photos

Below are some sample pieces printed on a color laser printer and ink jet printer.

Click for a laser printer sample. Laser1
Click for an ink jet printer sample. Inkjet1