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We have hundreds of professionally designed templates available in 17 different product categories. You can see our templates here. Our templates are available in sets; meaning that if you select a postcards template there are matching templates in other types of products such as letterhead, envelope, business card and much more. Our templates are free to use as long as you make the modifications yourself. You do not need any graphic design experience to manipulate our templates. 

What is possible with templates

You have complete control over the text. You can place your text anywhere on the artwork. You have the ability to change the size of the text, choose different fonts, apply different styles to the text such as bold and modify the color of the font. You can also import photos and graphics such as logos. We recommend all imported graphics and images to be high resolution, at least 300 DPI.

What is NOT possible with templates

You can NOT change or delete most background images. This also applies to certain layout elements such as lines and shapes. But you do have the ability to import an image and place it on top of an existing image to hide it. We recommend our custom design services where we can design something to fit your needs if you would like to have complete control over the design.

Let us make the modifications for you

If you do not want to modify the template yourself, we can do it for you for about $65 for most templates. You give us the content and the instruction of where you would like to place the text with any other detailed instructions and we'll do it for you. You can also provide us with your logo or any other images to be placed on the template; all graphics must be high resolution. Visit our template gallery and choose one of the templates, make sure you write down the template number located in the title bar of the template.

How to search for templates 

1. Visit our template gallery.

2. Select the type of product you are looking for from section 1 from the left menu, e.g. Postcards w/mailing.

3. Then select the category that best fits your business, such as "business & occupations".

4. Select the sub-category for your business, e.g. Real estate.

How to begin designing
Once you find a template that you like, click on the "select design" button. On the next page click on "start design" button. At this time the system will ask you to login. If you don't have an account, create a free account here. Make sure you save your templates regularly so you will not loose your work in a case of a computer/browser crash. You have the ability to save your work and come back to it later. You also have the option of editing previously designed and ordered templates to create new orders.  Click here to see how to access your previously saved templates.