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Following are various types of folding. If your folded mail piece is mailed as a self-mailer, meaning without an envelope, then the fold type may change to position the "final fold" at the bottom of the mail piece to comply with USPS regulations.

Half Fold

Is folded in half.

Z Fold


Four Panel Roll Fold

A type of fold where the piece is folded inward at one end and then folded inward again one or more times. It is as if you are rolling the piece up.

Tri Fold (C fold)

A fold where a three panel piece has both side sections folded inward, one on top of the other. Each section is approximately 1/3 the length of the piece. Also known as a C-fold or letter-fold.

French Fold (aka quarter fold)

A sheet which has been printed on one side only and then folded twice at right angles to form a four page uncut section. The diagram below shows a fold when the printed item is NOT being used as a self-mailer.


Double Parallel Fold

A type of fold where the piece is folded in half and then folded in half again. The folds are parallel to each other. Also known as a quarter fold. 

Double Gate Fold

Single gate fold, with an additional fold on the center.

Gate Fold

When both sides of an oversize page fold into the gutter in overlapping layers.

Accordion Fold

A sheet which has been printed on only one side then folded twice in right angles to form a W-shaped four page uncut section. Standard Accordion folds are offered as 4-panels. For 5-panel Accordion fold jobs submit a custom estimate. Accordion folds are usually available on 100lb gloss book papers. Such as, brochures and catalogs.

Half-Tri Fold

A sheet is folded in half and then tri-folded.