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We highly recommend downloading an envelope template from here.

  • File format uploaded: The envelope file you upload for your order must be either in Ms Word, PDF or EPS file format. If the envelope we will be printing for you has little or no graphics (example), we suggest using one of our Ms Word templates to layout your envelope design. If your envelope has heavy graphics, then you should use one of our PDF templates and upload your envelope artwork in PDF or EPS format.
  • File dimensions:  Your uploaded file must have the correct dimensions; you will find them in the template. Bleeds are not required for non-full bleed envelopes.
  • Handwritten fonts: If you plan to use handwritten fonts for either the delivery address, return address or both, just use any standard font when setting up your envelope. When placing your order you can then choose the correct font from the drop down selection to be used on your envelope. When we create your envelope proof we will use your chosen handwritten font. Your envelope proof will show the correct handwritten font.

(warning)  Handwritten fonts are printed much larger than regular machine fonts to appear more natural; therefore they require more space. You have a maximum of four lines for your delivery address.

(error)  You do not need to upload an envelope template if you plan to use handwritten fonts. Simply comment the name and address you'd like to use for your return section when uploading your files.

  • Graphics: If you have graphics, you must insert them yourself in the Ms Word template. All graphics must be at least 300 dpi to print clearly. Graphics copied from the web are only 96 or 72 dpi and will NOT print clearly.
  • Margins: You must have at least a 0.25" clear margin on all four sides, shown in dark gray below - nothing can be printed in this area. Contact us if your envelope is full bleed; meaning that you have printing all the way to the edge of the envelope.
  • Space needed for addressing: As shown below, using a standard font (e.g. Arial size 12) including a barcode on either top or bottom of the address block will require 5.5" x 2" space for printing a delivery address (based on a 5 line address block). Handwritten fonts will require a space of 6.5" x 2" as shown below. It is strongly recommended that you print your return address in the top left corner. You are free to print a short message in the rest of the white areas.