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We operate in a PC environment. You do not have to do anything special if your artwork is using the basic fonts included with Ms Windows.  We recommend taking the appropriate steps as outlined below to avoid any potential font errors.

Jobs without any mail merge

If your printed piece does not contain any variable data (i.e. mail merge). For instance, we are printing a business card or a flyer then you must either "outline" or "embed" your fonts in your artwork. 

Jobs with mail merge

If your printed piece will contain mail merge (variable data), e.g. Dear <<Name>> as the salutation in a business letter; then two scenarios will exist. 

  • STANDARD FONTS: No additional steps are required if you are using standard fonts from Microsoft Windows.
  • CUSTOM FONTS: You must embed or outline your fonts in your artwork and supply us with your custom font file(s) as described here.