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Before doing a direct mail using a 4x6 or a similar size small postcards, take the following into consideration. Smaller cards generally have much lower response rate vs. larger cards especially if they are being mailed to an audience that does not know you. The main reason they don't do well is because they're small and they are easily ignored and lost in a stack of mail. The other disadvantage of small cards is that they can only be mailed First Class and you can not take advantage of lower rate Standard class postage. Below are the postage rates as of September 2016.

 First class Standard class 
 Small cards $0.30 not available
 Large cards$0.433$0.28


We recommend mailing larger cards at a Standard rate where you postage is $0.02 less ($0.28 vs. $0.30). Naturally, your printing cost for the larger cards will be slightly more, but it's only a slight increase; and you will receive a much better response from the larger cards. Do keep in mind that Standard class mailings take longer to arrive, see the schedule here; therefore do not mail any time sensitive mailings at Standard rate. Below is an example of this concept. Mailing 1000 larger cards at Standard rate will cost $499 vs. $465 for mailing 1000 small cards; so for an additional $34, you will have cards that are significantly larger and will get you noticed more.

 First class Standard class 
 4x6 cards (1000 pieces) $465 not available
 5.5x8.5 cards (1000 pieces)$652$499