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Our calligraphy fonts are different than our handwritten fonts. There is an additional fee for using our calligraphy fonts since they require additional setup. You can only use regular first class postage for these types of envelopes - NO presort is allowed with calligraphy fonts. You must choose from one of the pre-designed styles shown below based on your envelope size. Additional design charges will apply if you would like us to modify the pre-designed styles. We can not print more lines as it's shown in the style chart below. The location of the return address is based on the chart below, and  modification (if possible) will incur additional design fees. You can choose to not print the return address to reduce cost if the return address is being printed on the back (flap side).

Envelope sizeAvailable style (from chart below)
#10E, F, G
6x9A, B, C, D

You can choose to have your calligraphy envelopes printed in any of the offered seven colors below regardless of the size of your envelope and the chosen style.

6 x 9.5 Envelopes

#10 Envelopes

Available colors: