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We can address postcards that have been pre-printed by third party printers. Postcards must meet the following requirements.

  1. Small postcards with the following sizes only: 4x6, 4x9, 4.25x5.5 and 4.25x6
  2. Large postcards with the following sizes only: 5x7, 5.5x8.5, 6x9 and 6x11
  3. The cards must be perfectly flat. The paper cannot have any curves or wrinkles.
  4. The address side can not have any UV coating on it. UV coating is the super shiny coating. The cards can have UV coating on the non-address side, but NOT on the address side. Contact the printer if you are uncertain if your cards have this coating .

  5. The cards must have a sufficient amount of space for addressing. See the requirements for small and large cards.
  6. The cards must have a blank space with a minimum space of 1" x 1" so that we can print our indicia (permit number) on it. See the positioning for indicia on large and small cards. If your cards have a pre-printed indicia then we will cover it with a white sticker and print our indicia on the sticker. You will incur an additional cost for placing this white sticker on your card.

If you’re not sure that your card meets the above requirements then you can send us a clear scan of your card or mail us a copy to be inspected.